CBD for Sleep

CBD for Sleeping

Flow Customer Review 

“Worked a treat! Have had a very broken sleep throughout lockdown, but on first try I managed to sleep right through to my alarm, for the first time in a very long time!! Subtle minty taste. Efficient delivery. Will 100% order again“ Conor

Like always you should chat with your GP Doctor about any medical questions you may have. CBD is a supplement and not to be taken in replacement of medicine. CBD is to be avoided if pregnant, breastfeeding or taking medication.

Along with a mentally and physically healthy lifestyle CBD is used globally by people trying to secure better sleep, peace of mind or just take the edge off. People that use CBD for Sleep often have trouble sleeping most nights if it is lying in bed thinking into the wee hours or its restless sleep with waking up multiple times a night. Using CBD for sleep before bed can help relax the user and allow them to obtain the restful sleep they want.

Research is still being done on the benefits of CBD. We cannot make any medical claims as CBD is simply a supplement. Flow CBD 

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