CBD for Anxiety

Flow 4

“I absolutely love this. I’m on my second bottle and have seen a notable improvement in my daily mood and sleeping pattern. I feel generally calmer and more focused – something that had been very hard to do during this difficult year. The product itself tastes lovely and minty and doesn’t leave any aftertaste like most other CBD oils do. Delivery is also really fast so reordering was quick and easy.”  – Lucy

Before using CBD to treat anxiety or other mental health issues you should talk to your GP Doctor about using CBD. CBD for Anxiety still requires a lot of study before claims of reduced stress or anxiety can be made. CBD for Anxiety is something more people are trying out as a way to treat some minor stress. The great thing about Flow CBD is that even though it is extracted from the Hemp plant family there is no THC. THC is the intoxicating compound that creates that “High” feeling users get from consuming cannabis. CBD Oil should have no more than 0.02% THC by law in the UK. 

Flow CBD Oil has 0% trace of THC in our Oil for two reasons. The first reason we don’t have THC is we want our Oil to be Dog friendly. At the moment CBD oil companies cannot advertise to benefit dogs but Vets are welcome to recommend human CBD for dogs if they see it is beneficial. Flow aims to be as animal friendly as possible from the beginning.

The second reason Flow CBD oil has zero trace of THC is to remove the rick of feeling High from using Flow. Flow is about wellness and feeling good which means we remove the intoxicating chemical THC from our oils so you and your loved ones can enjoy the benefits of CBD rick free of feeling “High”.   

2020/2021 has been a stressful year for the entire world to say the least and we found that CBD climbed in popularity as people searched for something to reduce their stress and take alongside a healthy and well-balanced diet and lifestyle. CBD is to be taken like a supplement and not an alternative to medicine. Follow the guidelines and enjoy CBD as a part of your daily routine.

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